Vehicle Inspection Coquitlam

Payless Tire is pleased to offer both car valuation and used vehicle inspection in Coquitlam and proudly serving all Metro Vancouver motorists.

Why You Need Car Inspection

When looking to purchase a car, sometimes buying used makes the most financial sense.

Sure you can rely on a used car dealership or a even a licensed dealer, but this is more expensive then buying directly from the cars previous owner. And even then, how do you trust the dealership to not put it’s own priorities first? How do you know the car your buying is going to meet your expectations once the transaction is complete?

A thorough technical inspection of the vehicle is your answer! It will help you discover any possible issues that the vehicle may in the future and can potentially save you a bundle of money.

Think about it, would you ever buy a house without getting a home inspection?
Why take the risk?

The Payless Tire Coquitlam Vehicle Inspection Service

Depend on the knowledge of our experienced mechanics to find all the issues with any car. The Payless Tire vehicle valuation service is designed to ensure you know the cars exact condition.

Our car valuation service comes in several options:

Basic Vehicle Package

Sometimes you just need to know the bare minimal. This is a good package if you have good faith in the seller and simply need to make sure the vehicle alignment is solid.

This packages includes:

  • Back and front brakes
  • Wheel stability and tire condition
  • Suspension testing (shocks, struts, bushing, sway bars)
  • Steering component and CV joints
  • Exhaust system
  • Fluid levels
  • Additional parts (spare tire, jack, tools)

Extensive Nuts and Bolts Package

The most complete vehicle inspection we offer. This is the best choice when your in need of a more thorough vehicle inspection. This package will you uncover all the tiny details and help thoroughly understand any issues the car may have.

This package includes:

  • Complete alignment inspection
  • Key component testing using the state of the art equipment
  • Complete scan of all onboard computer modules to discover any red flags
  • Battery, starter and alternator testing
  • Engine and transmission
  • Body panel alignment (can uncover previous collision damage)
  • Air conditioning and heating systems
  • Cooling system (radiator, hoses, cooling fan)
  • Specialized testing of brake fluid
  • Fluid condition testing
  • Road test (Optional)

Coquitlam Vehicle Inspection Pricing

The pricing for these packages is as follows:

Car Truck
Basic Vehicle Package $140 $160
Extensive Nuts and Bolts Package $180 $200

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